22 February 2010

Project: Paris - Picture this!

My cousin Leanne and I, are planning a trip together for one of our significant birthdays. Yes!! one of the 'Big O' birthdays is on it's way. It's a few years away yet, plenty of time!

We were born only a few months apart, so we have to decide what time of the year to go.

The PLAN - New York, London and Paris - with maybe a few other cities thrown in.

I'm making over my study/workroom in a Paris theme, probably for a bit of motivation to save for the trip!

Years ago I started scrapbooking and have heaps of papers in stock. I remembered I had one that was printed with old postcards and post marks when I came across these beautiful ceramic tags at Domain about 18 months ago.

Making yet another trip to IKEA to purchase a load of their picture frames, Paris - Picture this! happened.

Using the backing board of the photo frame, I cut the scrapbooking paper stock to fit. You'll also need a bit of card stock to stiffen the paper, as the weight of any embelishment, such as the tags, will cause the paper to buckle.

If you are using card stock for the background, you should be OK.

Card stock comes in different weights, this is noted as 'gsm'. About 200 gsm is a good weight to help as a backing for paper like I used.

Adhesives: See 'Helpful Tools' - This will depend on what you are using in the frame. Double sided tape was sufficient to attach the ceramic tags for this project. I could have used hot glue, but was concerned about it buckling the paper. Use what you think is appropriate depending on what backing you are using.

I'm pretty happy with the result. The frame colour, the paper and tags match the Eiffel Tower I recently purchased from a great homewares store in Port Macquarie.

When I decide on the colour to paint the room, buy the IKEA shelves, they'll be one of the first things you see when you walk in the room.
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