17 February 2012

More fabric designs on Spoonflower

I've been slowly gaining momentum with my designs and have accumulated quite a library of fabrics now.

I'm still using Spoonflower, but have contacted a couple of businesses here in Australia, one in Sydney and one in Melbourne. Samples of my most recent Spoonflower upload, some 30+ designs, are currently winging their way to me via Fedex. Once I've had an opportunity to check the colours, they will be available for sale.

Spoonflower offer a good service, with a few shortfalls e.g. colour matching not always quite hitting the mark, and one great advantage - you can sell your own fabrics through them and don't have to have an amount of stock held on your own premises. They will print as required. Being in the US though, it means paying overseas postage costs and time frame for delivery depends on how much you are willing to pay for freight to bring the delivery time down. Hence looking for somewhere local.

My plan still is to have the designs under the 'designed to a T' name, with the home wares/soft furnishings being sold under the 'jane on jane st' name.

If I decide to go ahead with an Australian printer and on sell fabric lengths myself, this will mean having to find room to store bolts of fabric, but will offer lower freight costs to my customers. I would also miss out on a potentially bigger market by not having the Spoonflower marketplace offering my fabrics for sale. So there are still many things to think about in this fledgling venture.

Here's a sneak peek at some of the designs.

'Exclamation!' (above) - I'm still doing the rest of the complimentary fabric designs/story for this one. 'Candy Stripe' and 'Starry Night' are complimentary stories also.

Tulips and Diamonds (below) is already for sale along with some other designs from last year. 

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  1. I love the coral ones and I have a friend whos business colors and theme would match the exclamations perfectly. Keep as posted on when they will be available.
    Ps tha k you for your kinds words about miss Emily.


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