13 November 2010

A handmade Christmas this year

You have all inspired me so much this year, so Christmas will be a full-on handmade gift giving bonanza.
I've started with this fabric covered notebook for my boss. The fabrics I won over here at 'It's all about the fabric', arrived a little while ago, so I've covered the notebook with one of those pieces.

Michelle over at Paper Tree Design has given me some ideas for gift tags here. I'm using unbleached card and found a fabulous little bird stamp set at Kikki K. I'll do my own little stamp of a Christmas tree for him to sit in, so I can stamp it in a different colour.

Thea at Thea & Sami, my inspiration for all things screen printing, got me back on track with the skills I had years ago when I worked for 2 different screen printing businesses, and the girls at Harvest Textiles are also an inspiration. A big thank you especially to Thea who has been most gracious to anyone who visits her blog.
I printed my 'Grassdragon' print in repeat here on about 2 mtrs of fabric a little while ago, so I'm going to make that into some place mats for someone.
I've even completed my Christmas Card design today. The design will stay as a black print and I'll do it on either silver or gold card. I'm thinking silver. Then that would lend itself to the colour theme for this year. 

I have a different colour theme every year for my wrapping. The last time I did silver about five years ago, I had a regal purple to go with it.

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  1. Hi Terese, I love your Grassdragon print! I'm happy to be of some inspiration to you. x


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