08 October 2011

It really is Just Plain Gorgeous

So, I've been away again for work, hence my absence for a couple of weeks.

This time I did a quick trip to Brisbane, and will be back there in about a fortnight. While I was there I spent some time at my son Brendon's place in Bulimba.

What a lovely suburb. I know there are a few bloggers who live in and around this area, and I can certainly see why. If I didn't live in Sydney, I'd probably find somewhere around Bulimba (or surrounding suburbs).

I've been following Simone from Beach Vintage blog for a while and had some time this trip, to visit 'Just Plain Gorgeous', the store owned by Simone and her sisters.

Being the fabric and trim addict that I am, I'd been looking at purchasing some bias from Simone's online shop. I'm always reluctant to by online, so decided to wait until the next time I was in Brisbane.

A remnant caught my eye that matched absolutely perfectly with a couple of the trims I'd been coveting. It's in beautiful light blue and green. Haven't decided what to make with them yet, so off they go to the 'stash', at least until holidays in November. Or I may make a dress for my girlfriend's little girl who turns 1 this month.

The blue with white spot bias was one of the trims on my radar, but when I saw the green pom pom trim, I simply couldn't resist. It goes so beautifully with the fabric remnant. I also bought a few mtrs of a pink and white stripe ribbon and a lovely small floral bias trim in dark blue and taupe on a white background (with a natural colour lace edge).

My Home Beautiful arrived in the mail this week and you'll never guess who they featured. Yep, Just Plain Gorgeous. Here's a quick look for you.

There's a bird cage I spotted in the store, while I was there. If it's still there when I head back soon, it's mine!!

If you get a chance, you should visit the store. It's at 162 Oxford Street Bulimba, QLD.

Postscript to last night's post, I stayed up, quite late, and made a sweet little dress for Amelia's 1st birthday. She's 1 on Tuesday October 11, and I'll be in Orange, so won't catch up with her (and her Mum Kate) until Friday next week.

I was really pleased with the final result. The first photo is closest to the actual colours, I had trouble with uploading the re-touched photos.

Hope she likes it!...T


  1. You've made a gorgeous dress. Lovely!

  2. I love Simone's store, i go in there each visit to Brisbane, actually last time i made 3 trips, Bulimba is a gorgeous area, that park at the end of Oxford Street, with that cafe on the corner of it, brilliant, love Posie


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