05 December 2010

My First Sunday Session

Music fills my soul. I love all types and am really finding it hard to go past the recent run of fantastic Australian artists being played on Triple J.
Yes, I know. I'm nearly the big 50 and I still listen to the J's. I feel like I'm still in my 30's, and find it hard to believe I'm not, especially with my boys around and #1 son being nearly 30 himself!! Where did the time go??
Anyway, I think they need to rewrite the spiel on their listener's demographic because I KNOW there are a lot of my friends who still listen to the station.
Doing my usual 9.30 - 10pm whip around the blogs before I go to bed, I slipped over to Felix and Lily's and found another great blog Do I really Wanna Blog?
Thea hosts a Sunday Session where she asks you to post about 2 favourites, one oldie and one newbie.
My sessions are the same song. The first is by a band called 'Boy and Bear', who have had a phenomenal year after being discovered on triple J 'Unearthed'.
Here they are covering a Crowded House song from the album 'He will have his way', full of songs written and recorded by the Finn brothers Neil and Tim.
Having spent my school years listening to Split Enz and Crowded House, I couldn't go pass up the opportunity to add them. 'He will have his way' is the second album of the Finn brothers songs by local artists, the first being 'She will have her way'. The title came from the one of their songs. The first has all female Australian artists performing the songs, and this new one has male performers and/or bands. I bought the first when it came out and I love it (well I downloaded it from iTunes).
So, grab a cuppa, sit back and have a listen. Boy and Bear are fabulous! (So are the Finn brothers just quietly!)

Boy and Bear - Fall at your feet

Crowded House - Fall at your feet - Woodface album 1991
Great idea Thea, thanks!
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