14 August 2010

Project: Ginkgo

The power went out today for quite a while, TWICE!!

So while I still had some battery power left on my laptop, I thought I'd play with some ideas on Illustrator. I couldn't do much without power. Not even the ironing!!! (Joke!)

I'm still a true novice when it comes to using Illustrator, eventhough I've been trying to develop my skills over the last 3 years. I just don't get enough time to do tutorials etc and I've never had any classes on it. Maybe one day. Everything I can do, I taught myself, so that's not bad.

These designs are part of getting ready to do some 'prototypes' while I'm on annual leave. The plan is to try a few prints, fabrics, and colourways, make a few things such as teatowels or cushions. At the moment I'm just dabbling.

I don't have a set up to do anything bigger. A few other designs are still work in progress. I have a cute little geisha, some birds - which I'm thinking will be on a printed branch but the birds will be silhouettes of Amy Butler fabric.

My favourite design at the moment is a Paris inspired theme. I'm planning on making myself a bag with this print, when I get to it.

Here are some more Ginkgo ideas.

Other ideas floating around in my head (usually in the middle of the night) - Antique wire dressforms (mannequins), gumnuts, fennel and splash.

Let me know what you think.

{These designs are by designed to a T, so please don't use them, unless you let me know.}


  1. These are great, I like the third design the most although the bottom one is quite interesting too. I am looking at putting together a table for screen printing today as I bought all the materials last week. I did a screen printing class at the beginning of the year with Thea (one of your followers) but I need a lot of practice. Is it like riding a bike, did it come straight back to you after so much time not doing it?

  2. Hi Julie, thanks for your comments. I'm having a go at exposing the first Ginkgo design today. The printing part came back to me pretty easily, the exposing in the sunlight was a bit different, so I'm noting variables at the moment and keeping a log of them. Like sunny, cloudy, timing etc etc. When I last worked for a screenprinter (eons ago), we used dark rooms and exposed using lighting, this is a bit different, hence the log of variables. I also have a very handy 'Handyman' doing lots of stuff for me with tables and screen brackets, and so on.

    BTW I'm going to try to meet up with Thea when I'm in Bris in about a week.

    Thanks again...love your blog.


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