13 March 2010

Dulux Colour Awards 2010 - update

In my last post about the awards, I had received confirmation that my entry had been received.

When I came home from work on Tuesday night there was a 'Dulux' letter waiting for me. Knowing that the competition was so good last year, as I started to open the letter, my comment was that this would be the notification of my entry not making it to the shortlist.

You know how it is with a letter like this, you don't really read it, and you scan it as quickly as you can to see what the bad news is!!!

I couldn't find any bad news.


So, I'm off to Melbourne at the end of the month to go to the Awards night being held at the Guildford Lane Gallery. The awards are finalized March 30 2010, with the winners being announced March 31 2010 at the Gallery.

My formal invitation arrived in the mail yesterday.

My whole philosophy for this was to enter to gain and, I suppose, enjoy the experience.

Let the experience continue!! Will let you know how I go and I'll post some photos of the night.

As a postscript, 10 iscd students entered the competition this year. 6 of us were shortlisted; the best result the school has had with entries in the competition.

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